Discover what we can do for you.

Naturally all our services depend on your specific project, but they typically involve the following actions:


    Market analysis.
    Is there a market for your product?
    Who are the buyers?
    Where is the competition? (Are there even any competitors?)
    What are the applicable regulations?

    Getting in touch with key accounts and investors.
    Who are the right business partners for you? How should you approach them?
    How can you set up an appointment to discuss business?
    And what to do and say during those meetings? We arrange business meetings with the right people and help you prepare.

    Managing setup requirements.
    How much paperwork is there?
    Do you need to set up a separate company?
    What about taxes and regulations?
    What’s the appropriate market approach strategy?
    We know the red tape involved and help you get through it.

    Setting up and starting your business.
    Do you need a local staff?
    Trustworthy local suppliers?
    A location for your warehouse?
    We hunt together for opportunities and set up your business in the Gulf.

    Providing guidance and support.
    Doing business in the Gulf isn’t harder than in Europe. But it is different. We assist you in becoming familiar with the business ethics and customs in the region.

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